REPTANICALS Bio-Active Insects



Not your typical reptile supplier, Reptanicals focus is to provide innovative products that help keep your critter healthy and happy. Below is a guide to information about the most popular items we offer. Keep an eye out upcoming unique products you can only expect from us!

Reptanicals has the perfect solutions to relieve many common issues that arise when caring for snakes and geckos to tortoises, arachnids and more. From wounds, burns, hard sheds to fungus or mites, our remedy was created to keep your vet visits down! Here you will find what works best for your critter(s) and even have it coming your way today!

Isopods and Springtails are perfect in your critters enclosure, to keep it clean and them healthy. These beneficial bugs clean up mold, detritus and feces. We offer what we call 'Cleaner Crews', food to help them thrive, and even 'dry' breeder kits. Choose from our captive bred individual species or combo crews that cover all your needs!

Reptanicals specializes in foods for micro insects to provide a healthy gutload meal for reptiles the natural way-so no more powdering unhealthy insects with calcium dust! We provide premium foods for specialty isopods that not only enhance their colors, but provides them an essential vitamins and minerals diet that resembles what they would find in their natural enviroment.