REPTANICALS Armadium Vulgar Roly Poly

Tropical whites are excellent feeders for dart frogs and hatchling reptiles, they can be added to virtually any enclosure and are especially helpful in humid tanks and terrariums. Springtails eat mold and detritus. This species are translucent to white in color.

Also known as roly polys, these helpful cleaner isopods consume decaying wood and leftover vegetables. They are a very hardy species that can tolerate high and low temperatures.  They range in colors and patterns but are typically light gray and are often spotted .

REPTANICALS Porcellionides pruinosus powder orange Isopods
REPTANICALS Porcellionides Pruinosus Isopods

Powder Orange isopods are large for cleaners, colorful and extremely fast. Especially fond of feces from numerous animal species  They look peach when immature and become a beautiful powdery orange color in adulthood

Powder Blue isopods are prefect for terrariums with critters that are messy eaters who dont finish their food. These active isopods look grey when immature and become a beautiful powdery blue color in adulthood (hence the name!) 

REPTANICALS Armadillidium nasatum Isopods
REPTANICALS Armadillidium gestroi Isopods

Mahogany Obsidian (Red and Black), also known as the Nosy Roly Poly, are color morphs of the typical European gray Armadillidium nasatum. They are more slender and have a bump in the front of their anterior between their antennae.

High Yellow Spotted isopods originate from France near shores with limestone, sandstone, and granitey. They thrive on vegetables, dried leaves, grasses, and decaying matter. This handsome roly poly rolls up into a ball when disturbed or threatened.

REPTANICALS Isopod Breeder  Kit

Reptanicals Isopod Breeding Kit is a complete setup for novices and breeders alike. Created to provide nutrients, and a perfect enviroment to create thriving colony. Add isopods of your choice then simply moisten the bedding, add a carrot and your ready to go!

You can instantly create self cleaning bio-active tanks when you add our Reptanicals Cleaner Crews kit to your terrarium. Our isopods combined with springtails are the complete live kit you need to get your Bio-tank started today!


Combo kits


REPTANICALS  Bio-Active Isopod Springtail Cleaner Breeder Box

Reptanicals Isopod Cleaner Breeding Box is the perfect size set-up that allows you to keep a thriving colony on hand. Perfect for those whos pets like feast upon isopods. This complete live kit comes with food and a mix of woods, calcium and moss in breeding substrate.

REPTANICALS Springtail Feast Food

Keep those springtails thriving by providing them with exactly what they need, our nutritious Reptanicals Springtail Feast! Simply sprinkle on top of moist substate in your pets enclosure once a week!